Our Story

The founder of Belizeism moved to Belize in 2012 following the death of his young wife. It was a time to let go and find something new, something simpler. He loved the Belizean spirit and he hoped to learn to laugh again and maybe build a respite retreat to help families deal with cancer. 

Life never goes as planned. Energies for a retreat turned into volunteer work for a hospice organization. Time became residency. The classic endless, repeating cycles of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance) became learning to laugh again...and maybe live free...Caribbean style! He went Belize!

This crazy place called Belize is as unique as a 37 piece Jazz band. It beckons over a million tourists a year. No small portion go back again and again, some even moving to Belize. Some call it a melting pot. It's really a chopped salad of about a dozen people groups plus ex-pats. It's home for many and a walkabout for more. 

This website is for those in pursuit of Belizeism.

What Should You Do? 

Take action! An ounce of effort is worth of ton of dreaming. Read articles. Buy a book. Book a ticket. Do something. Ask questions. We will answer just about any single question for free. Contact Us

What we support

Volunteer Since 2012, even before this website was launched, the folks at Belizeism.com have averaged 200 hours per year in volunteer work for non-profits or community events. It's a core value to give back to community.

Shameless Commerce

We try to share our fun with T-shirts and other items related to Belizeism. Please help pay the bills by visiting our Shameless Commerce section.

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